LPF是什么意思 LPF在线翻译 LPF什么意思 LPF的意思

LPF是什么意思 LPF在线翻译 LPF什么意思 LPF的意思中彩那天

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1. The digital ultrasonic signal is divided into two quadrature baseband signals which are processed by frequency mixer, LPF and data abstraction. Finally, the demodulator extracts the envelope of ultrasonic signal from the two baseband signals.

2. The result shows that a LPF around 45 Hz has the best effect on removing high frequency noise.

3. This article is about designing of the low-pass filter LPF and the Op-Amp.

4. The data points are sent to LPF to generate various waveforms.

5. LPF的解释

5. Secondly, the method based on instantaneous reactive power theory is researched, and the detecting precision affected by LPF is analyzed.

6. The experimental results show good agreement with simulation, validating effectiveness of the equivalent circuit and the realization of the DMS LPF.

7. LPF的解释

7. Frequency characteristic of Filter is simulated and checked in the design of LC LPF, and some surveying data of frequency characteristic is presented.

8. Its main products include FSMC series, AP-LDM series, LPF series, , DMC series and FBMC series bag type dust collectors, all kinds of fans, and model YJ-I oil fume, it sells well in more than ten provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and is exported to many foreign countries such as Syria and Bangladesh etc, it is widely used in many industries including power, steel, coal, chemical, metallurgy, cement, industrial kiln, nonferrous metal, refuse burning, stone processing, and grain processing industries etc and is extending to other industries and continues to cover new fields, the company and its products enjoy a high fame and good credit standing in the industry.

9. LPF是什么意思

9. An LPF can be simulated by setting the BPF's centre frequency to zero.
将带通滤波器的中心频率设置到 0,就可以模拟低通滤波器。

10. Low-pass filter (LPF) has a common passive low-pass filter, a first-order low-pass active filter and second-order low-pass active filter.

11. Among those, the high frequency feed-through cable forming from a section of unclosed copper cable and the equivalent fringing capacitance in the terminal is studied. It acts as the LPF, effectively eliminating the high frequency component in the feed-in signal.

12. Research on the frequency characteristic of LPF in fiber-optic hydrophone system with PGC demodulation;

13. Design of IP core: transfer the algorithm model into IP modules. (1) The whole IP core is combined of three functional modules, digital LPF, amplitude/phase solution module and signed multiplier module.

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14. First, the basic principle of the phase-locked loop circuit is introduced in this paper. Second, the discussion and improvement of the design of the low passed filter (LPF) is presented.

15. Something impact on the detecting results are discussed, such as power grid voltage distortion, phase-locked loop bias and low-pass filter (LPF).

16. LPF什么意思

16. Based on analysis of the periodic concomitant response of model T Low-Pass Filter (LPF), a microstrip filter of Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) structure was designed that satisfied Bragg equation.

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17. Design and implementation of a 5th Butterworth LPF in Low-IF GPS receiver

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18. Under special conditions a BPF may also be used as an LPF or as an HPF. filter, carrier-current, for line telegraphic or telephonic systems

19. Inside the multi-channel recorder, the collected electrical data are amplified and filtered through different types (including HPF, LPF and limit waves in specified frequency).

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20. In this method, the PD negative feedback is proposed, which can compensate for the inherent delay of LPF and quicken the dynamic response speed evidently.

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