dreamy是什么意思 dreamy在线翻译 dreamy什么意思 d

dreamy是什么意思 dreamy在线翻译 dreamy什么意思 d中彩那天

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1. 恍惚的;出神的
If you say that someone has a dreamy expression, you mean that they are not paying attention to things around them and look as if they are thinking about something pleasant.

e.g. His face assumed a sort of dreamy expression.

2. 轻柔的;柔和的;梦幻(般)的
If you describe something as dreamy, you mean that you like it and that it seems gentle and soft, like something in a dream.

e.g. ...dreamy shots of beautiful sunsets.
e.g. ...a dreamy, delicate song.

3. 不切实际的;爱空想的
If you describe a person or an idea as dreamy, you mean that they are not very practical.

e.g. He's like some dreamy kid playing on his own...
e.g. The changes would move the party away from the dreamy leftism that alienated many Japanese.

4. see also: dreamily

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