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1. Considering Vietnam didn t withdraw its troops until the end of the CCCP I don t see what you are saying.

2. Rotenone and antimycin A significantly aggravated the cytotoxicity induced by But, whereas CCCP markedly alleviated the cytotoxicity induced by But.

3. You know he is a member of the CCCP.

4. The pack is also now officially endorsed by the Matroska Project, the developers who designed the MKV format.

5. When the medium pH was 7.2, the plasma membrane surface pH of Ehrlich ascites cells was 6.7 and the proton concentration on the membrane surface was three times as much as that of the medium. CCCP and nigericin which were shown to eliminate proton tanslocation of the plasma-membrane of Ehrlich ascites cells, also dissipate the pH difference existed between the membrane surface and the medium.

6. Ordinary people in Mainland also are angry at CCCP for its doing nothing and keeping oral war on the stait affair.

7. The entire CCCP committee has agreed on these points.

8. CCCP什么意思

8. The new key concept of building a socialist harmonious society has been advocated in the fourth session of 16th CCCP congress.

9. Considering Vietnam didn't withdraw its troops until the end of the CCCP I don't see what you are saying.

10. 911查询·英语单词大全

10. I've been using quicktime alternative for years (though I don't install the media player because it comes with CCCP), but alongside that I use real alternative.

11. In vitro, CCCP CCCP may enhance the fluoroquinolones activity, especially for FQNS resistant strains is bigger.
主动外排泵抑制剂CCCP在体外能降低FQNS 的抗菌活性,尤其是对FQNS耐药的菌株影响更明显。


12. Pyocyanine reversed the effects of CCCP so as to promote the reduction of cytochrome b-559 by red light of both high and low intensities.

13. Thermodynamic Analysis of CCCP System with Adjustable Regenerative Gas Turbine

14. With the continuous improvement of the operating parameters for thermal power generating units, the technical requirements for thermal deaerators has been becoming stricter and stricter. Thermodynamic Analysis of CCCP System with Adjustable Regenerative Gas Turbine

15. CCCP: Conflict-Free Concurrency Control Protocol for Embedded Real-Time Database Systems

16. Intaking of ciprofloxacin was detected by improved CCCP-fluorospectrophotometry in Staphylococcus aureus strains and their induced resistant strains.

17. CCCP and State council regards enhance the national health care system reform remarked the China health sector reform entering a new historical period.

18. Efflux mechanism existed not only in FQNs resistant strains, but also in FQNs susceptible strains. But the effect of CCCP against FQNs resistant strains was much stronger than that of FQNs susceptible strains.

19. The energy resistance inhibiter, such as CCCP, can intensify bacterial ingestion to fluoroquinolone drugs.

20. The essential reason of the sensitivity of SVM to noise is that the adopted Hinge loss function has no limits on the penalty loss of noise samples, In this paper, a novel robust support vector machine is proposed based on the new smooth Ramp loss function, which is much insensitive to noise and yields better generalization performance. Since the optimization of robust SVM is non-convex, the CCCP procedure is utilized to transform it into a series of unconstraint, twice-differentiable and strictly convex optimizations, and then the Newton method is used to solve these optimizations.

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