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1. 我要在你的怀抱里度过今年的春节。
I want to be in your arms this New r.

2. 在今年的春节在线翻译

2. 根据克利菲尔特的研究,青少年去商店的次数少了;他们在时尚产品上的开支今年春节下降了13%。
According to Klinefelter's research, teens are making fewer trips to the store; teen spending on fashion products fell by 13% this spring.

3. 这是我的父亲和母亲,我父亲八十一岁了,他是我最尊敬的人,在去年他还学会了给母亲注射胰岛素,我母亲今年春节拍照片的时候情绪不高,竟然说:给我单独拍好一点儿的照片,留作遗像吧。
This is my father and mother, as well as my brother, my father 81 years old, he is my most respected people in the last year, he also learned how to give insulin injections mother, my mother take pictures when the Chinese New Year mood is not high, has said: Give me a separate photo shoot a little better, has been reserved for the portrait of it.

4. 我要在你的怀抱里度过今年的春节。
I want to be in your arms th is New Year.

5. 我要在你的怀抱里度过今年的春节。
I want to be in your arms this think5.cn New Year.

6. 今年春节期间,在杭州的鲜花盆栽销售市场上,芦荟、吊兰、虎尾兰等绿色盆栽植物都摆在了最显眼的位子上。
During the Spring Festival this year, flowers and potted plants in Hangzhou sales market, aloe vera, Chlorophytum, Sansevieria and other green plants are placed in the most conspicuous places.

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7. 经济学家表示,由于今年中国的春节是在1月份,在考察1月份进出口数据时应该考虑到这一点。
Economists said the data should be taken advisedly because China's Lunar New Year festival fell in January this year.

8. 但是我不知道为什么自己在今年的春节居然吃了比平时过节时所吃的肉干多。
But i dunno why i was eating more ba kwa than i usually would during CNY.

9. 致使近期数字出现偏差的一个因素是,今年韩国、中国、台湾和越南的农历春节长假是在了1月份,而不像2008年那样在2月份。
One factor skewing the recent numbers is that the extended Lunar New Year holiday in Korea, China, Taiwan and Vietnam fell this year in January, rather than February as in 2008.

10. 今年,该公司在春节之后每天招募的员工数多达50名,而去年每天只能招到10人。
This year, it recruited as many as 50 workers a day after the new year hiring period. This compares with just 10 a day last year.

11. 在今年的春节的近义词

11. 情感天地』订亲之烦恼!今年春节跟我男朋友订婚了,我们是去年亲戚介绍认识的,他的各方面条件都还可以,在省会买房了,又在省会一所高校工作,就只有相貌不太理想,就这一点我还是蛮在乎的,在认识的这一年中我们也就见过两次面(一个是不在同一座城市工作)还有一个原因就是我觉得他长得不够理想,心里面不太想接受他,平时也是就短信电话联系。
Chinese New Year with my boyfriend engaged, we are introduced to last year`s relatives, and his various conditions can be, buy a house in the provincial capital, and then a university in the provincial capital to work not only looks good, on this point I was quite care about, in understanding this year we have also seen the two faces (one is not in the same city work) there is a reason for this is I think he looks less than ideal, the heart inside do not want to accept him in peacetime, but also between text telephone.

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12. 春节与伦敦有个一年一度的约会。在特拉法加广场举行的这场中国文化盛事,今年已经是连续第10年。
This is the10th year that we have been celebrating the Chinese New Year here in Trafalgar Square.

13. 但赖裕文表示,短期上升势头背后存在特殊因素,包括消费者在春节(今年的春节在阳历1月末)前添置东西的倾向。
Mr Lai, however, said there were special factors behind the short-term boost, including consumers'tendency to buy more ahead of the Chinese new year, which fell in late January this year.

14. 今年春节前,我受邀在昆明举办了一场烹饪演示会,于是,我有了一次绝佳的机会来推出三道粤菜。
So, with an invitation to do a cooking demonstration in Kunming during chinese year preparation time this year, I had a good opportunity to present three Guandong dishes.

15. 在今年的春节

15. 北京西客站是北京最大的火车站。据来自该车站的消息说,在距离春节还有两周的时间,今年的春运高峰已经到来。
Beijing West Railway Station, the capital's largest station, has already reported a peak passenger flow, two weeks before the Spring Festival.

16. 今年春节,他们一家人哪里也不用去,他们的家就在这里。
The Hans do not have to go anywhere this Chinese New Year; they are already at home.

17. 像往常一样,春节给零售商带来了商机,而且今年就连美国的食品和威士忌酒承办商都报告说,他们在一个日益增长的中国市场里获得了强劲的销售。
As usual, the holiday was a boon for retailers, and this year even American purveyors of food and whisky reported strong sales to a growing Chinese market.

18. 我要在你的怀抱里度过今年的春节。
I want to e I your arm thi ew year.

19. 今年的春节在2月7日,已经过去了很长一段时间。
This year's Spring Festival in February 7th, HAS BEEN OVER for a long time.

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