Geologists have been studying volcanoesfor a long time. Thou

Geologists have been studying volcanoesfor a long time. Thou清明上河

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The ocean bottom,a region nearly 2.5 times greater than the total land area of the Earth, is even today largely unexplored. Until about a century ago,the deep-ocean floor was completely inaccessible and hidden beneath waters averaging over 3,600 meters deep. Total­ly without light and subjected to intense pressures hundreds of times greater than at the Earth's surface,the deep-ocean bottom is a strange environment to humans,in some ways as forbidding and remote as the outer space.

Although researchers have taken samples of deep-ocean rocks for over a century,the first detailed global study of the ocean bottom did not actually start until 1968,with the beginning of the National Science Foundation's Deep Sea Drilling Project ( DSDP). Using techniques first developed for the offshore oil and gas industry,the DSDP's drill ship,the Glomar Challenger,was able to maintain a steady position on the ocean's surface and drill in very deep waters,taking samples of rock from the ocean floor.

The Glomar Challenger completed 96 voyages in a 15-year-research program that ended in November 1983. During this time,it sailed 600,000 kilometers and took almost

20,000samples of rocks around the world. Those samples have allowed geologists to reconstruct what the planet looked like hundreds of millions of years ago and to make out what it will probably look like millions of years in the future. Today,largely on the strength of evidence gathered during the Glomar Challenger's voyages,nearly all earth scientists agree on the theories of plate tectonics (构造学) and continental drift that explains many of the geological processes.

The samples of rocks drilled by the Glomar Challenger have also provided a climatic re­cord stretching back hundreds of millions of years. The information of past climatic changes can be used to predict future climates.

1.The underlined word" inaccessible" in Line 3 means     .

    A. unrecognizable   B. unreachable C. unusable     D. unreasonable

2.Why does the author mention "outer space" in the first paragraph?

A.The Earth's climate millions of years ago was similar to that in outer space.

B.It is similar to the ocean floor in being strange to the humans.

C.Rock formations in outer space are similar to those found on the ocean floor.

D.Techniques used by scientists to explore outer space were similar to those used in ocean exploration.

3.Which of the following is TRUE of the Glomar Challenger?

    A. It is a type of submarine.   B. It is an ongoing project.

    C. It has gone on over 100 voyages.      D. It made its first DSDP voyage in 1968.

4.The Deep Sea Drilling Project was significant because it was         . attempt to find new sources of oil and gas

B.the first extensive exploration of the ocean bottom

C.made up of geologists from all over the world

D.supported entirely by the gas and oil industry

5.Which is NOT mentioned in the passage as being a result of the Deep Sea Drilling Project?

A.Geologists were able to determine the Earth's appearance millions of years ago.

B.Two geological theories became more widely accepted by scientists.

C.Geologists observed forms of life never before seen.

D.Information was revealed about the Earth's past climatic changes.



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