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    “It’s  the best…uhh…the latest…What? You don’t want it ? …,” the inexperienced young man uttered, his hope dashed.

    “Again, you disappointed me, Andrew. When are you going to learn? You have to be sure and confident. And think how best to make him part with his money. Apply yourself, Son, all your college education will not help if you don’t put your mind to selling. Think on your feet. Use psychology, ” Mr Whitely poured out at length.

“Sorry, dad. I’m trying. Very hard,” Andrew spoke with diffidence overwhelmed by his father’s  torrent of criticism.

    “You’ve been in this shop for six months and you haven’t succeeded  in selling a single computer. I tell you what. I’ll give you one more chance. I’ll give you another three more weeks. If you still can’t make one sale, I’ll call in your elder brother to replace you. He will also take over the shop when I retire. There. I’ll just give you one last chance to prove yourself,” said Mr. Whitely, his patience wearing thin.

    Andrew’s  heart missed a beat. This time he would have to do it. Do or Die! A sense of urgency gipped him. Somehow he must prove himself to his father.

    It was now the end of the day and the shop was being closed. The assistant employed by his father, called Mike, chuckled and put his arms round poor Andrew to comfort him, “Sort it out yourself. It’s  gotta come from yourself.” he said.

    The shop was located in a bustling shopping center. Andrew left the shop and wasled round the complex aimlessly and by chance entered a large bookstore. He glanced at eh books and was about to leave when his eyes caught some interesting titles: ‘How to increase your confidence,’ ‘The art of communicating,’ ‘How to sell well’ amongst others.

    The next minute he was out of the store with the shopping bag bugling with books. In his apartment(for he loves separately from his parents and little sister), he settled himself in his easy chair and devoured the contents of the books, one by one. His keen intelligence enabled him to focus the details that matter and pick out the ideas and techniques expounded.

    In a week, his whole image underwent a transformation. Gone was the stubble that used to give him an untidy image likened to a heroin addict. He was also smartly dressed now. Instead of his usual slurred speech and incoherence, he spoke with clarity, purpose and forcefulness. He was more convincing and persuasive. Above all, confidence flowed from his being and he seemed to have learned a few tricks of the selling trade. He worked hard at his sales pitch and one day he succeeded in selling a computer. His first sale. He had finally achieved the quota of one sale within the given time frame of three weeks. The job, the shop, was his. He had to thank Mike for it. And now he had to go beyond his first success and score, consistently and persistently. Nevertheless he had proved himself at last and the future looked bright and promising.

67.We learn from the story that at the beginning Andrew’s  father _______.

    A.holds the view that Andrew is hopeless 

    B.has lost his patience with Andrew

    C.has given the shop to Andrew                            

    D.still hoes Andrew will improve

68.We learn from the story that Andrew ________.

    A.has turned himself into an experienced sales manager

    B.has tried in vain to get his job done in six months

    C.has let his father down in the end

    D.has done well with the help of Mike

69.What’s  the most significant change of character in Andrew?

    A.He’s  more convincing.            B.He’s  more hard-working.

    C.He is more confident.              D.He is more intelligence.

70.What conclusion can we draw from the story?

    A.Success depends on hard work, talent, and willingness to make changes.

    B.However hard you try, you won’t achieve success with others’ help

    C.It takes time to succeed, you have to try again and again and never give up.

    D.It’s  good communication skills and some tricks that result in big business.

第二卷(共 35分)



    Everyone knows you must exercise regularly to maintain good health. Indeed, staying physically fit is a big part o our culture. we consider(or rightly so)that healthy people are attractive people. Since most of us want to be attractive, there is no shortage of exercise clubs, training videos, magazines and books offering to help us stay physically fit.

    Unfortunately, however, our culture doesn’t place the same emphasis on mental fitness. Although we worship men and women with strong, healthy-looking bodies, we don’t have the same degree of respect or attraction for smart, educated, mentally healthy people. This is a shame, because there are immense rewards fro people who have developed the ability to think well.

    If your mind is well trained and flexible, you will be able to understand a great deal of what happens around you. And if you are also well educated ----- that is, is you understand basic science, mathematics, music, art, literature, history and so on ----- you will find it much easier to make good decisions throughout your life. Over the long run, this leads to a sense of control over your destiny and a much better life than otherwise.

    People who are poorly educated or who don’t think well ----- that is, people who are not mentally fit ----- see thins differently. Their world is controlled by mysterious, often malevolent(恶意的)forces. Such people live within a system they will never master, forced to follow rules they will never understand. Although it may not obvious, most spend their loves being manipulated(控制)by others. They are told what to do, what to think, how to spend their money, and what they should and should not aspire(渴望)to in life.

    In my opinion, if you want to live well, you must be able to use your mind well. For this reason, I want you to be able to concentrate, to solve problems, to understand complex ideas, and to think clearly and quickly. Such skills will make it easier for you to make informed decisions, understand current events, choose good friends, manage your money well, make wise lone-term decisions and appreciate music, art and literature.

    The key to developing such skills is to enjoy learning, and to have the ability and motivation to teach yourself.

63.The writer of the passage feel disappointed that____________.

    A.too little has been done to help people to keep physically fit

    B.too much has been done to help people to keep physically fit

    C.mentally healthy people are not as popular as physically healthy people

    D.physically healthy people are not as popular as mentally healthy people

64.The underlined word  “this” means __________.

    A.the understanding of a great deal of what goes on around you

    B.the understanding of basic science  and mathematics

    C.good training in body and mind

    D.being able to make good decisions in life

65.The writer of this passage thinks those who are not mentally fit ________.

    A.live a poor and mysterious life        B.can’t control over their life

    C.often do what others do            D.enjoy being fooled and ruled

66.The best title of the passage will most probably be ________.

    A.Train your body                  B.Train your mind   

C.Make informed decisions            D.Think hard and work hard



    GPS or Global Position System is a technology for locating a person or an object in 3 dimensional space anywhere on the earth or in the surrounding orbit. GPS is a very important invention of our time on account of the many different possibilities it brings. The technology is still advancing and new applications are being developed to make full use of its potential.

    The GPS system works with the help of a satellite network. Each of these satellites broadcasts a specific signal quite like a normal radio signal. These signals that carry the location data are received by a low cost aerial(天线)which is then decoded by the GPS software.

    The software is able to identify the satellite, its location in space and the time the signals take to travel from each satellite. The software then process the information it receives from each satellite to calculate the position of the receiver. The overall process is quite like traditional navigation(导航) methods. If you can draw lines from 3 predefined places on the map to where you are, you can identify your position on map as the intersection of these lines, within a margin of error.

    The consumer range of GPS solutions start with sophisticated car GPS systems ------ they can have features like voice guiding, dynamic route calculation and in built features to load and update a map from a CD.

    The handheld range includes GPS devices from companies such as Magellan and Garmin. These typically have maps stored inside and work well for outdoor use. However, the handheld range doesn’t usu. have dynamic route calculation facility and so the user has to find his/ her route.

    Another application that was launched in the market recently has GPS working in a PDA (personal digital assistant). The PDA is designed to connect with a GPS receiver. This range is generally cheap, but the PDA based application is not very strong. There are also variants that use wireless Bluetooth connection. These can work both for personal navigation as well as inside a vehicle.

59.The passage mainly tells us readers ___________.

    A.how GPS works and what we can use it for

    B.how good GPS is and how we can use it

    C.how widely GPS has been used in our life

    D.how important and useful GPS is

60.We learn from the passage that we can use GPS ______________.

    A.anywhere on the Earth             B.on or near the Earth

C.only in the open space              D.only in the outer space

61.Which of the following has NOT been mentioned in the passage?

    A.GPS can help give guidance to car drivers.

    B.GPS locates position 100 percent accurate.

    C.GPS devices can be of very small size.

    D.GPS can function I a personal digital assistant.

62.Which of the following shows the correct position of the GPS receiver?

  (The circle in the center is the earth.      ※: satellite              ★:receiver)





    A young Australian woman’s  trip of lifetime took an unexpected turn into the freezing Hudson River on 15 January 2009.

    Perth singer Emma Cowan, 26, traveling overseas for the first time, was leaving New York after a week of sightseeing when the pilot of an Airbus was forced to ditch into the Hudson. The plane lost power in both engines just minutes after take-off from LaGuardia Airport outside New York City. Initial reports from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) suggested the plane’s  engines stopped after it hit a flock of birds. All passengers and crew survived the crash..

    Ms Cowan emerged from a rescue raft, wet and cold, but uninjured. Afterwards, Ms Cowan managed a brief chat to mother Wendy at their Swan View home. She said, “Mum, can you believe I’ve survived a plane crash? I don’t really feel like it had sunk in what a miracle this is.” The young woman has lost all her luggage and travel documents, and a laptop of music backing tracks.

    “But, as she said to me, it was the choice between the lifejacket and the purse,” Mrs. Cowan said. “The thought of treading water without a lifejacket would have been unbearable.”

    Mrs. Cowan said her eldest daughter had carefully panned the trip for two years and intended to visit friends in North Carolina.

    The holiday was not intended for work, but Emma was open to any opportunities that arose for singing in the US, Mrs. Cowan said.

    “She’ll continue to have a great time while she’s  over there.”

    The family, staunch(忠实的)Christians, say it was the hand of God that saved their daughter.

    “It wasn’t her time to go.”

56.What happened to Emma Cowan on a cold January day in 2009?

    A.She flew to North Carolina to visit her friends.

    B.She was sightseeing in New York.

    C.She was injured in a plane crash.

    D.She survived a water landing.

57.Which of the following could be the cause of the plane crash?

    A.The engines that exploded suddenly.

    B.The weather that changed quickly.

    C.Something that happened unexpectedly. 

    D.Someone that reacted improperly.

58.What would Emma Cowan do after the plane crash?

    A.She would go back home in no time.                    

    B.She would go on with her travel plan.

    C.She would try to find a job in the States

    D.She would stay in New York to be compensated.




Our teacher, Miss Chua, is nearing retirement. However she still commands our great ---36--- for being an excellent teacher.

She has short hair that is gradually ---37--- white, an indication that age is creeping on her. The wrinkles(皱纹)that line her face ---38--- of years of hard work and selfless devotion to her students. She wears a pair of glasses through which her kind eyes are always ---39--- fixed upon us with affection and consideration. She looks splendid in her ---40--- clothes which she will not throw away for something more ---41---, reflecting a thrifty(节俭的)nature. Through her, we have learned to be more careful with ---42---. Not only that, she has also taught us the ---43--- of filial piety(孝道)by setting us a good ---44--- of looking after her eighty-five year old mother.

All her life, she has never ---45--- her duty towards her family, and her students. For much of her life, she has been working hard, displaying a ---46--- of discipline and an attitude of industry which she is presently ---47--- to fix in our mind. As her parents couldn’t afford to ---48--- her to university, she saved hard and managed to graduate ---49--- a master degree from a British university. This is an inspiration to us ------ that absolute ---50--- leads to eventual fulfillment of dreams.

Miss Chua is totally committed to the ---51---of her students. Armed with a keen insight into the teaching process, she never fails to ---52--- our minds and most important, her gift to us has been the development of a good ---53--- of English in us.

The day Miss Chua ---54--- school and retires, I’ll send her a thousand of flowers with the message “You’ve ---55--- us well.” I will never forget her. She has made a great impact on my life and on my English.

36.A.support        B.attention        C.respect         D.view

37.A.changing       B.turning         C.appearing       D.showing

38.A.tell            B.speak          C.talk           D.think

39.A.sharply         B.suddenly        C.generally       D.gently

40.A.matching       B.expensive       C.dry           D.new

41.A.valuable        B.fashionable      C.comfortable     D.available

42.A.friends         B.studies         C.time           D.money

43.A.virtue          B.lesson         C.method        D.technique

44.A.goal           B.example        C.pattern         D.standard

45.A.performed      B.done          C.ignore         D.had

46.A.process        B.need           C.series          D.sense

47.A.trying          B.willing         C.learning        D.getting

48.A.send          B.accompany      C.take           D.bring

49.A.upon          B.to            C.for            D.with

50.A.development     B.determination    C.decoration      D.distinction

51.A.talent          B.success        C.experience      D.entertainment

52.A.charge         B.concentrate      C.challenge       D.change

53.A.appreciation     B.writing         C.command       D.skill

54.A.leaves         B.enters          C.quits          D.attends

55.A.protected       B.showed        C .guarded         D.guided


35.________ these interruptions, the meeting would have finished earlier.

    A.Except for      B.But for         C.Apart from        D.Other than


34.--- ________ the police known about the accident?

  --- Yes. ____________ informed immediately.

    A.Has, They were                  B.Have, They were  

    C.Has, It was                     D.Have, It was


33.It’s  not an idea _________ the community can unite. On the country, I see it as one that will divide us.

    A.that           B.which         C.around that       D.around which


32.--- I’m afraid I can only make a small contribution this time.

  ---________________. We really appreciate your assistance.

    A.The best things comes in small packages.

    B.The more, the better.

    C.It’s  better to give than to receive.

    D.Every little helps.


31.--- How are things with you?

  --- ________. I now make enough money to pay bills and keep food on the table.

    A.From bad to worse.               B.Can’t complain.

    C.Too bad.                       D.Too good.


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