BCBG是什么意思 BCBG在线翻译 BCBG什么意思 BCBG的意

BCBG是什么意思 BCBG在线翻译 BCBG什么意思 BCBG的意苹果姑娘

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1. Perennial supply only, veromoda, teenie, eland, bcbg, esprit, dkny, edc, maxmario, mk, 23 District, burberry, cd, mng, prada, jack. jones, ck, Japan and South Korea and various international brands outside the single!

2. As the primary products, Zhiyuan exports sweater to countries and areas all of the world, such as France, Canada, Spain, Hungary, etc and used to be supplier of BCBG from America, ZARA from Spain, TERRANOVA from Italy, VIVARTE from France, TKI from Germany, etc.

3. The Company designs and produces long-term trend of women, marketing, Spain, Italy, France and other places, and MISS SIXTY BCBG and other international well-known brands designated for processing manufacturers.
本公司长年设计生产潮流女装,行销西班牙,意大利,法国等地,并被MISS SIXTY BCBG 等国际知名品牌指定为加工生产商。

4. She wore a simple white silk cowl-neck dress that looked perfectly right, a purple mesh dolman dress, and a one-shouldered black jersey number that would've worked equally well at BCBG in 1985 or at a cocktail reception in the downtown Guggenheim right now.

5. Slip on a BCBG dress and make the streets your red carpet.

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6. Shenzhen Yi Yi Fashion Boutique Women's distribution networks, the main business: the world first-line brand of the original single-Wei Huo, brands: BCBG, MJ, CHLOE, bebe, MaxMara, ANNASUI, MIUMIU, DVF and so the world's top women's brands.
深圳衣衣时尚精品女装批发网,主要经营:世界一线品牌原单、尾货,品牌有:BCBG、MJ、CHLOE、bebe、MaxMara、ANNASUI、MIUMIU、DVF 等世界顶尖女装品牌。

7. Besides, the belt on the waist comes from the TOYO inspiration, and this detail can help you follow the fashion trend of this year.

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8. Distribution of the main brands are: ANNA SUI, BCBG, DVF, CHLOE, MARC JACOBS, DKNY, CACHAREL, CM, BEBE, MOSCHINO, MIU MIU, FENDI, KENZO, TSUMORI CHISATO, REBECCA, and so on, there are a number of long-term production and foreign trade Factory orders for cooperation, first-hand sources, reliable and stable, fast style updates, Yan ensure the quality, four new products constantly, hundreds of brands, thousands of style, fashion and simultaneously for all types of operating style retailers and wholesalers.
主要经销品牌有:ANNA SUI、BCBG、DVF、CHLOE、MARC JACOBS、DKNY、CACHAREL、CM、BEBE、MOSCHINO、MIU MIU、FENDI、KENZO、TSUMORI CHISATO、REBECCA等,有多家长期生产外贸订单的合作工厂,第一手货源,可靠稳定,款式更新快,质量把关严,四季新货不断,数百种品牌,上千种款式,与时尚同步,适合经营各类风格的零售商及批发商。

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