OSIP是什么意思 OSIP在线翻译 OSIP什么意思 OSIP的意

OSIP是什么意思 OSIP在线翻译 OSIP什么意思 OSIP的意苹果姑娘

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1. One thing, and one thing only, Pierre thoroughly understood in reading that book; he understood what he had hitherto known nothing of, all the bliss of believing in the possibility of attaining perfection, and in the possibility of brotherly and active love between men, revealed to him by Osip Alexyevitch.

2. For the application development, the task design and program development are implemented by using the open eXosip/oSIP protocol stack.

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3. The hardware designation plan of wireless IP phone terminal was firstly presented, and then the program architecture was also shown after analyzing SIP and oSIP stack.

4. FROM THE TIME of his disappearance, two days before, Pierre had been living in the empty abode of his dead benefactor, Osip Bazdyev.

5. OSIP什么意思

5. Research of oSIP Protocal Stack and Embedded Application

6. Give a detailed description including the oSIP protocol stack and RTP implementation.

7. OSIP的翻译

7. Finally, implemented call management of system with oSIP.

8. OSIP is not a complete SIP protocol stack. So it expands the new defined SIP CLIENT and header fields, and completes the functions of all modules, which are designed according to the hierarchical structure of SIP protocol.

9. Application in User Agent Based on SIP with OSIP Library

10. The protocol module is based on OSIP protocol stack. Transfer module uses UDP protocol to implement the transfer of message and multimedia data.

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