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1. 同样地,一个牧师也有义务按照他所服务的那个教会的教义向他的教义问答班上的学生们和他的会众们作报告,因为他是根据这一条件才被批准的。
In the same way, a clergyman is bound to instruct his pupils and his congregation in accordance with the doctrines of the church he serves, for he was employed by it on that condition.

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2. 最后在5月23号,活动筹备委员对宣传工作的完成情况作了简单总结,并详细布置了报告当天的活动流程,之后又对报告现场可能出现的问题进行了预防,如人员拥挤、嘉宾入场等等,争取做到一切尽在掌握中,确保万无一失。
In the final on May 23, a member of the preparatory activities and propaganda work to complete a simple summary of the situation and a detailed layout of the report of the activities of the processes on the same day, followed by on-site report on the possible issues of prevention, such as personnel crowded into the guests Field, and so on, for to do everything under control, to avoid any possible mistakes.

3. 这份报告对公司的问题作了综合性的论述。
The report takes a global view of the company's problems.

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4. 如果我要作一个这学科的报告,我得看些有关的书。
Read up I shall have to read up on the subject if I am to give a tlk about it.

5. 集团党委书记王安民作工作报告,董事长任润厚作重要讲话,总经理李晋平宣读表彰决定,党委副书记、纪委书记、工会主席曹晨明主持会议,集团领导徐贵孝、师文林、郭贞红、王志清出席。
Party Secretary Wang Anmin group work report, delivered an important speech, chairman of REN thick and general manager of LI Jin-ping made the recognition of the decision, the party committee deputy secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, trade union chairman Cao Ming presided over the meeting, the group leader Xugui Xiao, Shi Wen-lin, Cheng Kuo-hong, Wang Zhiqing to attend.

6. 同时,对绿色会计的产生原因和最新的发展、绿色会计的计量技术、核算方法和报告方式等问题作了研究。最后,分析了当前我国开展绿色会计存在的问题,并提出了相应的对策。
The cause of emerge of green accounting and its progress, its measuring technique, accounting and report patterns have also been discussed, finally, based on the analyzing problems to implement green accounting in China.

7. 针对中国的实际情况,对道路安全审计技术应用的技术条件、范围和时间、方法步骤、组织管理等主要内容作了系统地论述,对道路安全审计报告的内容和基本格式提出了建议。
The technical conditions, range, opportunity in applying RSA are expatiated systematically. The procedure and organization methods of application of RSA are shown in the paper. The suggestion of content and format of road safety audit report is given.

8. 作报告

8. 在汤姆忙于做一位卓越的作家的安排能在镇图书馆时候作在现代文学的报告。
At the time Tom was busy making arrangements for a distinguished writer to give a talk on modern literature at the town library.

9. 逆地眼振型水平半规管良性阵发位置性眩晕的3种耳石可能位置如下:水平半规管前臂的管耳石、管侧的顶帽沉石(canal side cupulo-lithias1s)与囊侧的顶帽沉石,本文报告3例以快速转头治疗逆地眼振型水平半规管良性阵发位置性眩晕成功的病例,显示快速转头法对囊侧的顶帽沉石具迅速有效的治疗效果,对於逆地眼振型水平半规管良性阵发位置性眩晕的治疗,作者建议先以快速转头作治疗性诊断,若病人马上复原,诊断为囊侧的顶帽沉石;若眼振转为向地型,则诊断为水平半规管前臂的管耳石或管侧的顶帽沉石,进一步再以向地型的耳石复位法治疗病人。
The head is slowly turned 90° toward the side where nystagmus is induced less intensely. Then the head is rotated 180° rapidly toward the opposite side. This article reports three cases of the ageotropic form of HC-BPPV that were cured by rapid head rotation. The three cases demonstrated that rapid head rotation was an effective maneuver to treat cupulolithiasis on the utricle side. It is recommended that rapid head rotation can be used for therapeutic diagnosis: If nystagmus subsides immediately after this maneuver, the diagnosis is cupulolithias is on utricle side. If nystagmus changes into the geotropic form, the diagnosis is cupulolithiasis on canal side or canalolithiasis in the anterior arm of horizontal semicircular canal. A repositioning maneuver for geotropic form can then be applied to treat these patients.

10. 作报告

10. 当你在作报告时,你应该讲响一点使自己被人听清楚。
When you are making a speech, you should speak louder to make yourself heard.

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11. 隐匿收到的应收款项并将其作为坏账处理;或者收到已作为坏账处理的应收款项但未作报告
Collecting an account, pocketing the money, and charging it off; collecting charged-off accounts and not reporting

12. 现在,我代表第十五届中央委员会向大会作报告
Now I would like to make a report to the congress on behalf of the Fifteen..

13. 现在,我代表第十四届中央委员会向大会作报告
Now, I should like to present a report to the congress on behalf of the 14th Central Committee.

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14. 现在,我代表国务院,向大会作政府工作报告,请予审议,并请全国政协各位委员提出意见
On behalf of the State Council, I now present to you my report on the work of the

15. 我在学校的大厅里听报告,转身看见一个熟悉的面孔,那竟然是我的二舅,他问我在大学生活怎样,我给他介绍了作报告的老师,他说今天是广,他儿子的生日。
I am listening to the lecture in the lecture hall, when I turn around, I found a familiar face, and recognize it is my uncle. and he asked about my college life.

16. 他要给我们作关于公共卫生方面的报告。
He's going to give us a lecture on public hygiene.

17. danci.911cha.com

17. 我对你的报告作了几处小的修改。
I've made a few small corrections to your report.

18. 为探讨精神分裂症患者脑CT结果与临床的相关性,对1995年1月~1996年5月住院符合CCMD—2—R诊断标准的精神分裂症患者进行脑部CT检查,以同期门诊神经症患者的脑CT检查报告作对照,并与临床相关因素进行对照分析。
Objective:To compare CT brain between schizophrenic and neurotic patients. Method:213 schizophrenic patients(age 16 ̄49) had CT brain and were compared with findings of neurotic patients matched in age and sex. Diagnoses were made with CCMD-2-R. Results:There were 69(324%) schizophrenic patients and one(.47%)neurotic patients having cerebral atrophy with CT brain.

19. 在那他将作一个关于美语的报告。
Then he will visit the Temple of Confucius in Qufu.

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20. 几周前McDowell先生说他反对这个计划,但拒绝就规范赌博市场的工作组所作的一个有待发布的报告作任何进一步评价。
A number of weeks ago Mr McDowell said he opposed the plan, but refused to comment any further pending a report from a working group on the regulation of casinos and gambling.

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