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1217是什么意思 1217在线翻译 1217什么意思 1217的意高中开学

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1. The fees charged for, if not through an intermediary to link buyers and sellers need to apply for loans to pay legal fees, 30 million or less 1, 000 yuan, 0.5 percent more than some extra; assessment of 30 million 800 million, more than some extra 0.3%; mortgage registration fee, 80 yuan; insurance Loans 10-year period 868 yuan for a period of 15 years to 1217.16 yuan, the total amount of 2748 yuan to 3097 yuan or so.
收取的费用的,如果不通过中介联系买家和卖家需要申请贷款,以支付法律费用,30万元或以下1000元,0.5个百分点以上的一些额外的;评估3000万八点〇〇〇亿,多一些额外的0.3 %;抵押登记费,80元;保险贷款10年期八百六十八元为期15年的一千二百十七点一六元,总额二千七百四十八元以三○九七元左右。

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2. The results of sequence analysis showed that genome of SA-{14} 1217 strain consistes of 10976 nucleotides and containes a single open reading frame of 10299 nt which encodes a polyprotein of 3432 amino acids.

3. Autumn Housing Fair, the stock of second-hand housing transactions, including private housing re- transfer, re-housing transactions houses a total of 2488 transactions, traded an area of 261, 000 square meters, the volume of transactions for 307 million yuan, the average transaction price of 1217.02 yuan/sq m.

4. In 6 years since founded, we provide service to 1173 customers(including more than 85 Fortune 500 Companies).We manage more than 10976 network equipments and servers (2014 routers, 1802 firewalls, 2864 switches, 1217 wireless devices, 2788 IP phone systems, and 291 servers).

5. At baseline, participants were classified into 4 groups: control subjects without atopy or rhinitis (n=3163), those with atopy but not rhinitis (n=704), those with nonallergic rhinitis (rhinitis but not atopy; n=1377), and allergic rhinitis (atopy and rhinitis; n=1217). Asthma onset in the 4 groups was studied with Cox proportional hazards models.

6. Scroll down to 1217 and there should be 2 files on the right of your screen.

7. I live at 1217 Spring Lake Road.

8. The ship left Guisha n Anchora ge, Guangzhou at 1217 hrs on April 9, 0000
船舶0000 年4 月9 日1217 时离开广州桂山锚地

9. 1217

9. Package capacity measured according to ISO 1217, inlet pressure 1barA, inlet temperature 20 o C.
性能参数依据ISO 1217测定,参考工况进气压力为1BarA,进气温度为20 o C。

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10. On 15 August, 1217, he gathered the brethren about him at Prouille to deliberate on the affairs of the order.
於1217年8月15日,他收集了兄弟们对他在prouille ,商议事务的命令。

11. Its first representative is Judah the Pious (died 1217), whose pupil, Eleazar of Worms, is its most important literary exponent.

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12. Each of the outer planets is encircled by planetary rings of dust and other particles.
用英语说明九大行星名字的由来是什么?- 1个回答 200次浏览求国家863计划英语简介!- 1个回答 1217次浏览

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13. ChAT mRNA expression_r_r in rLent/NT4NAP group significantly increased. The ChAT mRNA positive neuron extent density in SD group (0.0698±0.0182) was lower than that in control (0.1217±0.0165), sham operated (0.1130±0.0154), rLent/NT4NAP (0.1083±0.0172)and control virus (0.1183±0.0112)groups (P<0.05), there was no significance difference among control, sham operated, rLent/NT4NAP and control virus groups.
各组海马ChAT mRNA阳性神经元面密度之比较,痴呆组ChAT mRNA阳性神经元面密度值(0.069 8±0.018 2),低于对照组(0.121 70±0.016 5),假手术组(0.113 0±0.015 4)及rLent/NT4NAP组(0.108 3±0.017 18),空病毒组(0.119 3±0.011 18)(P<0.05,对照组,假手术组,rLent/NT4NAP组,空病毒组间无明显差别。

14. Phosphoric acid, potassium hydroxide and zinc chloride were used as activating agents in chemical method. The surface area of powdered activated carbon prepared by Phosphoric acid method is 1217.25m2/g;

15. The United States imported $ 440.4 billion worth of Chinese goods last year and exported just $ 121.7 billion to China, according to the Census Bureau.

16. When he died in1217, his descendants were allowed to inherit the title forever.

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17. The age of Jinchuan body was estimated between 1300Ma~1500Ma; period of time. The age of Jinchuan body was estimated between 1300Ma-1500Ma; disseminated ore is about ~1217Ma; sideronitic ore is about 960Ma and massive ore is about 911 Ma.

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