SECC是什么意思 SECC在线翻译 SECC什么意思 SECC的意

SECC是什么意思 SECC在线翻译 SECC什么意思 SECC的意高中开学

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1. At the beginning of 2002, Zhou Xiao Chuan, the chairman of the SECC, mentioned once again that the capital market of China would have a dramatic change in 10 years.

2. Stephen Xingyu box chassis using selected materials are imported from Japan high quality galvanized steel sheet SECC.

3. As regards the chassis itself, the thickness of the plate should be at least 1 millimeters or more, and plates should be handled specially SECC cold galvanized steel, this chassis made of high-shielded, high conductivity, rigid, and difficult to Health rust, corrosion resistance and so on.

4. SECC是什么意思

4. The simulation proves the validity and feasibility of SECC by comparing the network survivability when using SECC and WEAC algorithm. SECC is more suitable to large MANET and can effectively avoid the problem of frequent changing clusterhead.

5. SEC velocity in South Indian Ocean and SEC, NEC and EUC in Pacific Ocean is decreased, the speed of SECC in Indian Ocean and the speed of SECC, NECC in Pacific Ocean is increased.

6. Compared with high lipid model group, the increased serum and hepatic lipid contents were markedly attenuated by sECC (200 mg·kg^-1 ), the serum and hepatic total cholesterol were reduced by 31.5% and 22.7%(P〈0.05), respectively.

7. Product code: SECC.

8. For2008 the event moved to the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) in Glasgow.

9. The prevalence of severe early childhood caries (SECC) was 25.60%.

10. SECC的反义词

10. For the dental replacement, we must think whether it will affect the eruption of permanent teeth to take root canal treatment of internal fixation therapy for severe early childhood caries (SECC).

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