prefer sth. 更喜欢某事 I prefer English. 我更喜欢英

prefer sth. 更喜欢某事 I prefer English. 我更喜欢英高中开学

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Many young people can use the computer,but few of them know how to look after them.Remember the following when you use the computer.

Keep your computer in a cool, dry room.Too much or too little heat is bad for computers.Damp is also bad for them.Most computers work best at a temperature of 5-30 degrees centigrade.

Do not let people smoke cigarettes near your computer.Smoke is very bad for many parts of a computer and can cause many problems.

Do not eat or drink when you are near your computer.Pieces of food and a little water in the keyboard call also cause many problems.

Make sure that the keyboard and tile screen are the correct height for you.If they are not correct,you'll get backache.

Make sure the screen is the correct distance from your eyes.If you wear glasses, make sure these glasses are correct for using with the computer.Some people use a different pair of glasses when they use a computer.Keep your screen clean and do not have it too bright.A dirty screen can hurt your eyes.A very bright screen can also be bad for your eyes.If you can afford one, buy a computer screen.It will be better for you than using the screen of a TV set.

1.According to this passage,       

A.more and more people can control computers as well as take care of them.

B.fewer and fewer people pay any attention to the protection of the computers nowadays.

C.most young people can control computers well while paying little attention to keeping them well.

D.most computer lovers are fond of eating their food while playing computer games.

2.Computer,just like some people,may prefer(更喜欢)       

A.autumn to(比起)summer and winter       B.neither winter nor summer or autumn

C.summer to winter and autumn                     D.both summer and winter

3.Putting the keyboard and screen too high means you         

A.have to straighten your back long every time

B.have to lower your head while using the computer

C.don't have to look at your manuscript while typing

D.don't have to look sideways from time to time

4.Some people use a different pair of glasses when they use a computer because they want to         

A.protect the computer                                       B.prevent their eyes being hurt

C.make them look cool                         off his glasses

5.Which is NOT true according to the passage?

A.If the height of the screen isn't correct,you'll get backache.

B.Smoking is bad for a computer and is one of the cause of many problems.

C.You should wear a different pair of glasses when you use a computer.

D.You should use a computer screen instead of a TV screen.

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