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1. IRT的近义词

1. Testlet effect parameter is defined as the deviation from the IRT independence. The simulation result indicates that the IRT model is reasonable for CAT of local relative items in establishing the item pool.

2. I took off my sh irt and my bra and he said wow, that's disappointing.

3. In introduction, the basic concept of IRT is outlined and the current studies on the application of CAT in personality measurement are...

4. He ICT in Tei index formula, IRT and E...

5. IRT的翻译

5. In introduction, the basic concept of IRT is outlined and the current studies on the application of CAT in personality measurement are introdu...

6. And we watched the credit go through and when you get down to those little logos at the end of the IRT, logo and so on, you know you're done.

7. This study consists of three parts: introduction, empirical study and conclusion. In introduction, the basic concept of IRT is outlined and the current studies on the application of CAT in personality measurement are introduced.

8. Based on the illumination model which is widely used in computer graphics and the radiance transfer law, a simplified thermal infrared imaging model is derived by: 1 adding the surface temperature distribution and the material parameters to the geometric model, 2 introducing the self emission and the detector property into the Illumination model.

9. Firemen close in on blaze as it roars through elevated South Bronx IRT station, where token booth clerk Micki Shaheed was trapped after thwarted robbers torched station early yesterday.
消防队向布朗克斯南部一个irt 高架地铁站窜出的火焰围拢过来,昨天上午歹徒打劫不成纵火焚烧该站,售票员沙希德无法脱身。

10. The indexes of BMI, WC, WRH, blood pressure were determined; the fasting plasma visfatin, lipid, glucose, OGTT and IRT were detected; insulin resistance index and insulin secretion index were caculated and statistical analysis was conducted.


11. Thus the conclusion of the study is that IRT is applicable to the college academic aptitude battery.

12. On the basis of previous research works, we select a pair of representative two-dimensional IRT models: the compensatory MIRT model and non-compensatory MIRT model.

13. This dissertation, with Item Response Theory and the Cognitive Theory of Blum as its theoretical supports, makes a study of the designing of biology written examination for junior high school according to the new instructions and criteria of the curriculum reform.
本文从当代测量理论IRT(item response theory简称IRT)与布卢姆的认知理论出发结合新的课程改革中生物课程标准的基本要求,对初中阶段的生物纸笔测试命题进行研究。

14. And the construction of China's IRT was raised in agenda under this background.

15. 911查询·英语单词

15. The advantages of IRT, IRT model, basic theory of multidimensional adaptive testing are introduced in this paper.

16. Realism is one of the most influential schools of Western IRT.

17. In 1904, the first rapid transit subway, the IRT, opened in New York City.

18. You saved my life, I reqard irt as a favour for ever

19. According to structural forecast, IRT protein was expected to be an integral membrane.

20. Young widow living in a traditional Chinese family. Liuyuan Likes to fl irt with

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